Aquamarine silver ear charms, rhodium-plated

Pair of carms fits both base-earrings and pendant loop. The base-earrings are not included in the price
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About this piece

Little cute earring charms (the base of the earring must be purchased separately and is not included in the price of the charms of the earrings). For the bravest - if you want the charms of an earrings with different stones, choose two charms from our web-shop category “charms of the pendant”. The dimensions are the same.

Aquamarine instils courage, clarifies the perception, sharpens the intellect and brings clarity to confusing situations.

Can a woman’s soul feel whole without jewellery?

Zodiac: gemini, cancer, scorpio, aquarius, pisces.

Read more about this crystal: Aquamarine

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