Coral and shell earrings

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This piece is made with recycled silver
This piece is has a natural gemstone!
This piece is hand crafted!
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About this piece

You are excused to buy many silver earrings at once – because woman will always need a matching pair to suit her mood - and it changes a lot!

Coral makes sure you will follow your true path and be safe along the way. Mother-of-pearl supports femininity and the ability to take notice of beauty. It reminds you of the need to relax and also strengthens love and the ability to love.

This piece tells a story… The story of you…

Zodiac: aries, cancer, libra, scorpio.

Read more about these crystals: Coral, Mother of Pearl

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Product details

Secret code: E1473
Weight, gr (per pair of earrings): 4.180000
Main material: 925 Silver (Nickel free)
Made from recycled silver: Yes
Crystal: Coral, Mother of Pearl
Gemstone color may be slightly different than on the photo because we use natural gemstones
Natural gemstone: Yes
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Rub it clean with a soft, cool, damp cloth. Do not use a brush or mechanical cleaning agents. Avoid abrasive agents, chemicals, perfumes and heat and hot water. Doesn't like long exposure on bright sunlight, better charge under moonlight.

  • Fragile
  • Doesn't like heat
  • No chemicals/perfumes
  • Likes to be admired
  • Loves moon-light
  • Program with incence

Mother of Pearl

Lukewarm soapy water is the best for cleaning this stone or use soft cloth. Doesn’t tolerate long periods in bright sunlight. Better charge under moonlight. Household chemicals and perfumes are not a friend of any crystal.

  • Fragile
  • No water
  • No chemicals/perfumes
  • Likes to be admired
  • Loves moon-light
  • Program with incence
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