Charoite is a New Age stone that has a strong influence on the spiritual level. It symbolizes a total change in the mind and cleanses all levels of the consciousness.

Keywords: transformation, spirit, deep emotional and physical healing, frees from deep-seated fears, spiritual development, intuition, truth

Spiritual power
Charoite helps the consciousness overcome and cleanse old mindsets that hinder progress and development of the mind. It eases fears and barriers and helps the wearer take a self- and life-affirming attitude. It allows the person to confront their inner demons and brings to the surface aspects that one generally tries to avoid, and gives one power for overcoming even one’s deepest fears. In general, it is the crystal of courage and bravery, helping to start anew after failure, cope with losses, and in particular, support people who are responsible for caring for others (nurses, healers, etc.).

Charoite illuminates the darker recesses of the subconscious and heals deep spiritual traumas. Opens our mind to understand karma the laws of supreme love and unity. It gives us intuition, dedication, truth. As it is a very strong stone, the wearer must be receptive to changes and ready to come to terms with themselves. Meditation with charoite helps one to see where one fits into the spiritual master plan, goal in life, the reason one is here in the first place.
Healing properties
Charoite turns negative energy into healing energy and unwellness into wellness. This gives the body new energy when it’s exhausted, heals and integrates dualities and regulates the blood pressure. Charoite is beneficial for healing the eyes, heart, liver and pancreas. It also helps reverse liver damage done by alcohol and provides solace for a battered soul.
Did you know
  • Discovered relatively recently, in 1978, and found mainly in Russia.
  • Charoite was found for the first time in Siberia near the River Chara during the construction of the Baikal-Amur railway.
  • It’s believed that keeping charoite under your pillow will keep bad dreams at bay.
Care and maintenance
Cleanse from time to time with lukewarm soapy water. Don't expose long for sunlight or heat, recharge in moonlight. Apply fragrance-free oil occasionally to keep the colour and sheen bright. Doesn't like chemicals or perfumes.
Best signs
Capricorn, Scorpio
This gemstone has no similar stones! It must be really unique