Dendrite agate

Dendrite agate

A lovely milky agate in which branch and plant stem patterns appear to be inlaid. Its strong affinity wth the plant kingdom makes it a powerful stone for connecting with nature. In terms of makeup, dendritic agate is a blend of chalcedony and agate.

Keywords: stone of wealth and plenty, groundedness, tranquillity within and without, stability, concentration, fortitude, connection with plant kingdom

Spiritual power
A crystal associated with lushness and luxuriance, dendritic agate fosters internal and external calm and encourages one to enjoy every moment to allow life to blossom within us. It helps you make progress toward your own dreams so as to dissuade you from working toward someone else’s dreams. It also teaches patience, as its effects become manifested only gradually over time.

Psychologically, the crystal is conducive to concentration and brings calm and stability even at difficult times. It increases fortitude and teaches one to view difficulties as challenges, as it all leads to thoughts and actions and ultimately material plenty. It is also considered the crystal of success at work. Dendritic agate symbolizes the luxuriance of nature also as the stone of wealth and plenty.
Healing properties
Dendritic agate balances chakras, eases pain, and has a salutary effect on the blood vessels, nerves and skeletal system.
Care and maintenance
Wash from time to time with warm soapy water, charge in sunlight and moonlight and keep on the earth surface.
Best signs
Good match for green thumbs of any star sign, but agate is best of all for Gemini.
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