Seraphinite is also known as seraphine, a name that comes from seraphs, the highest order of angels. Seraphinite is found only in Siberia and it has characteristic silvery feathers in a dark greenish rock, which make it very striking.

Keywords: self-healing, consciousness, high mental vibrations, intuition, ridding oneself of tensions, love, support for changes, femininity

Spiritual power
The feathery wings typical of seraphinite are reminiscent of angel’s wings. Indeed, seraphinite is a bridge builder between earth and sky, visible and invisible and helps one remain on mental track. The stone with its captivating patterns is conducive to living by your heart: it has a delicate cleansing effect, which opens the heart to love. It’s said it also promotes contact with angels.

Seraphinite is beneficial if you are analysing the progress you make in your life and you are deciding what to change to reach the path of peace and fulfilment. It also leads to self-healing and adds femininity. Seraphinite helps you rid yourself of internal tensions and discover and understand your life’s goal.
Healing properties
Works best on the fine-resolution level. Activates the spinal column and its connection with the ethereal body, especially behind the heart. Helps rid yourself of muscle tensions up to the neck. Also beneficial overcoming cold shivers and promotes weight loss.
Did you know
  • The name of seraphinite comes from the Greek word “seraphim”. This was an unworldly creature with three pairs of wings.
  • The stone was found only in one place in Siberia, which is why it is very valuable and its price can only grow as the reserves are shrinking.
Care and maintenance
Wash with warm soapy water, charge in moonlight. Admire your crystal!
Best signs
No specific astrological correlation. Resonates most with Sagittarius and Taurus.
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