Thinking about existential themes as: "Who am I?", "From where am I?", "Why I am here?", use the wisdom and power of sugilite to find answers.

Keywords: love, wisdom, transforming negative energy, healing, spiritual enhancement, truth, mission of life, clearvoiance, cleansing.

Spiritual power
Sugilite teaches how to live by one's own truth. It also helps to find answers to highly important questions such as “Why am I here?” and “Where did I come from?” as well as “Who am I?” Effect on mentality – sugilite's energy has powerful healing qualities due to its high vibration frequency. Sugilite has a purple radiance which prepares the mind for energy that has a higher frequency. It increases forgiveness and helps a person to understand his/her life challenge.

Sugilite regulates the cerebral hemispheres and stimulates the pineal gland, which influences the development of mental abilities. It cleanses the entire body and mind. Sugilite helps to understand the real reasons behind tension and stress and prevent diseases that are inflicted by stress. Sugilite also symbolizes a person's control over his/her mental abilities. The stone is associated with wisdom, healing powers, and clairvoyance. It is a stone that is best for sensitive people. Sugilite offers a direct connection to godly energy and helps to overcome uncertainty and doubt.
Healing properties
Exceptionally good for relieving pain: it liberates one from headaches and discomfort on all levels. It cures epilepsy and motor disorders, and connects nerves with the brain. It is good for people who suffer from cancer.
Did you know?
  • Sugilite got it's name after Japanese geolog named Ken-ici Sugi, who discovered the stone recently, in 1944.
Care and maintenance
Lukewarm soapy water is the best for cleaning this stone and dry up with soft cloth. Charge under sun and moonlight. Household chemicals and perfumes are not a friend of any crystal. Oil with fragnace-free oil from time to time.
Best signs
Virgo, Sagittarius
This gemstone has no similar stones! It must be really unique