Tourmaline is found in almost every imaginable color! This amazing gem makes your beauty-senses happy as well your soul. The stone helps you to understand yourself and other people, it grants self-confidence and helps to reduce fears.

Keywords: protection, cleansing, clarifying, balancing, removes blockages, self-trust, tolerance, sexuality, relationships, marriage, love, fertility, getting rid of fears.

Spiritual power
Tourmaline creates balance and connects material and spiritual levels. It magnifies a person's radiance and brightness, providing him/her greater sensibility and comprehension. TOURMALINE is a protective stone that is associated with love. It grants happiness and victories in the sphere of love for both men and women. The stone is connected to tantric energies which help to transform sexual energy. It promotes marriage and giving birth. It also improves potency.

ADDITIONAL MEANINGS BY COLORS: Multi-colored (red and green) tourmaline heals the heart.

GREEN TOURMALINE – VERDELITE – cleanses and strengthens the nervous system. It is beneficial in case of chronic fatigue and stress. Green tourmaline has a rejuvenating effect. It provides inspiration and creativity. The stone helps the mind to become free of expectations and lets the person be carried by the flow of life. It heals and refreshes the energetic body.

PINK TOURMALINE – RUBELLITE is a heart stone that helps to express positive feelings. It opens the heart to the universe. Pink tourmaline helps to experience love toward all creation. Rubellite liberates the heart from sadness and fear. It brings new vitality and enthusiasm. The stone helps a person to become aware of his/her power.

BLACK TOURMALINE – SCHORL – channels negative energy away from the body. It is like a shield which protects from unhealthy psychical influences. It is good to use black tourmaline in an environment full of heavy or ill feelings. Black tourmaline neutralizes and dissolves negative emotions (anger, jealousy, etc.), and it also eliminates these feelings from the aura of the possessor. It teaches how to preserve the inner light of the soul even in the darkest surroundings.

WATERMELON TOURMALINE is red on the inside and green on the outside. It is often sold as thin sheets. Watermelon tourmaline is good for the heart. The green part of the stone heals heart wounds while the inner red part helps to restore faith in might.

TOURMALINE QUARTZ is a bright quartz that incorporates black tourmaline crystals. Tourmaline enforces the characteristics of the quartz and channels healing energy into the stone. Tourmaline quartz symbolizes the balance between light and darkness. It eliminates obstructions from the energetic body.
Healing properties
Good soothing impact on allergies, pain. Relieves the problems with sexuality and potency. Strengthening immune system.
Did you know?
  • Most expensive tourmaline sold so far cost 25 million dollars.
  • Tourmaline’s colors have many different causes. It’s generally agreed that traces of iron, and possibly titanium, induce green and blue colors. Manganese produces reds and pinks, and possibly yellows.
  • 1554 Francisco Spinoza’s expedition discovers “Brazilian emerald”: the first recorded green tourmaline crystal.
Care and maintenance
Very fragile. Wash the stone under lukewarm running water, dry with soft cloth and charge it in moonlight. Don't expose to heat or sunglight. No crystal likes perfumes or household chemicals. Admire and "program" with insence.
Best signs
Capricorn, Pisces, Libra
This gemstone has no similar stones! It must be really unique