Gold Bracelets

Could there ever be something more elegant than WildWoman handmade gold bangles or gold bracelets around the wrist? The sight of a hand in bracelets is so captivating that you might never be able to lift your eyes from your arms…

According to a legend, if a creative person or someone who works with his or her hands, wears a gold bangle or chain bracelet, that person will find great success in their job. The wearer’s hands turn golden and create remarkable results.

Be it how it may, a gold bracelet adds elegance and femininity to a wrist. The luxurious glimmer and sparkle, and clang turn an ordinary day into a festivity… It is often said gold is for royalty, but are you not the queen of your own life? Of course, you are worthy of such jewellery!

Powerful crystals and semi-precious stones give energy to WildWoman unique gold bracelets. We only use natural stones! To ensure high quality we regularly test our jewellery at European Union accredited Assay Office.

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