Gold Pendants

Whether big or small, gold pendants are always something that beings lustre, brilliance, grandeur and luxuriousness to your entire being. And if you’ve already taken the plunge, opt for WildWoman’s handcrafted gold jewellery!

Keeping a little gold close by in the form of a necklace is a wise move in any case. In ancient times it was believed that gold was a wellspring of vitality and ensured long life… A gold necklace is also a lovely gift for yourself or someone close to you, as it has timeless value. In this world, women’s wealth has an added dimension, because our investments into gold are also irresistibly beautiful!

There’s no way around it – women simply adore gold. We were created to appreciate colours, aromas, forms, textures, details. The brighter, the more it catches the eye .For hunter-gatherers, survival depended on a sharp eye that could discern food hiding in the brush. That ancient instinct is at fault for our love of everything that glitters. How could we say no to such a beautiful pendant?

Besides their ornamental function, jewellery can often keep memories alive. Pendants are particularly well suited for this purpose because they’re worn closest to the heart. And in a professional setting, a gold necklace is your protector, a secret guardian; they can provide a sense of delight in one’s work, serve as a motivator.

WildWoman’s very distinctive, personal gold necklaces are particularly compelling due to their crystals and semi-precious stones. We use only natural gemstones. To assure quality, we regularly have our materials tested at the assay office. A gold pendant with a distinctive crystal is a combination truly imbued with power!

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