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WildWoman gold rings are handmade and decorated with extraordinary crystals. Such a ring on your hand speaks about uniqueness and bravery and personality…

Gold rings have always been surrounded by a mystical cloak. Have you ever heard fairy tales about magical earrings? But how about magical rings? That's right! As a symbol, the ring represents eternity. In history, gold rings have been used, for example, to stamp documents, instead of a signature, but they have also been credited with healing powers. Rings are used to give out promises and blessings. Gold rings have been worn since ancient times as an amulet, an identity stamp, protection against evil or just as a thing of great beauty.

The healing power of gold rings is a hot topic. It is said that if a gold ring is placed next to a sick person the ring may be able to draw out the illness. For example, if you have gold in your mouth, it will cure your throat or tooth pains; also, small-scale studies have shown a slightly decreased damage to finger joints on those fingers, where gold rings are worn by rheumatic disorder patients. Rubbing a gold ring anti-clockwise is said to help against an emerging style and some believe, that gold help to alleviate sadness and depression. We certainly believe the last statement: if you have a lot of beautiful gold, then why should there still be tears and sadness?!

Primarily a gold ring symbolises the membership of a union: either between spouses, clerics marking an agreement with a congregation or other similar agreements. Besides the visible level a second, symbolic and magical level is present. For example, in some cultures rings are removed from the dead to set their souls free.

Setting everything else aside, gold rings are one of the most popular items in jewellery stores. Currently you won’t find classic wedding rings in our store, although many have purchased engagement rings from us! What we do have is gold rings with a unique and personal design, which receive energy from powerful crystals and semi-precious stones . To ensure high quality we regularly test our jewellery at European Union accredited Assay Office.

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