Infinity silver necklace "My love"

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This piece is has a natural gemstone!
This piece is hand crafted!
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About this piece

MESSAGE IN THE BOX: I love you so very much – this love is illimitable, without bounds, infinite! Thank you for being! *** This seemingly modest gift actually hides the whole story. The story of a wonderful human soul that you have noticed and cared for, whom you want to acknowledge and caress with beautiful words. Each piece of jewelry holds a carefully chosen message and emotion and the story you want to share with her. Sharing becomes an uplifting moment. The moment becomes a wonderful memory and the piece of jewelry makes it possible to wear this memory on daily bases. The gift comes in a black elegant box and is ready to give as a gift.

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Product details

Secret code: CHINF32814ELOVE
Weight, gr (per pair of earrings): 0.001000
Main material: 925 Silver (Nickel free)
Made from recycled silver: Yes
Crystal: no stone
Gemstone color may be slightly different than on the photo because we use natural gemstones
Length: 19 mm
Width: 7 mm
Total length (with hook): 400-425-450 mm
Chain width: 1,5 mm
Package: FREE paper gift-box with window
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Silver is like living organ, it reacts to the surrounding environment, for example humidity or sea water or body salts can cause a reaction what make silver darker. But we have a good news, silver can be always cleaned and repolished! In domestic conditons you can use soft brush and toothpaste and later on polish it with soft cloth. But be aware that it can scratch the surface of your silver jewellery, so we actually recommend professional product (also safe for gemstones). See it from: HERE. Don’t use liquids, where you have to dip the whole piece of jewellery, you can damage the stone or remove oxidised surfaces.
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