Pearl and green onyx earrings, rose-gold

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This piece is made with recycled silver
This piece is has a natural gemstone!
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About this piece

Earrings dont ask your current size - they will still fit you! :) Buy them right away without sizing – for any mood, for any day.

Onyx keeps you grounded, with two feet firmly planted, but also allows higher powers to send you everything you earnestly request. Just be careful what you ask for! Delicate and fragile pearl is capable of injecting will power into you, embodying perfection and romance, too.

But remember, the real beauty lies within you. Jewellery is just a decoration and support for your real power.

Zodiac: taurus, scorpio, capricorn, cancer.

Read more about these crystals: Onyx, Pearl

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Product details

Secret code: YE33249WPR-GOX
Weight, gr (per pair of earrings): 5.340000
Main material: 925 Silver (Nickel free)
Made from recycled silver: Yes
Crystal: Onyx, Pearl
Gemstone color may be slightly different than on the photo because we use natural gemstones
Diameter of the stone: 1x1cm; 10x8mm
Natural gemstone: Yes
Length: 2.5cm
Types of earrings: Push back post
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Running lukewarm soapy water is the best for cleaning this stone. Bury underground or stick into the soil (flower pot) couple of times per year for one night - it restores stones beauty. Likes sun and moon, but as any other crystal doesn't tolerate household chemicals and perfumes.

  • Loves the sun
  • No chemicals/perfumes
  • Clean with lukewarm soap water
  • Loves moon-light
  • Program with incence


Lukewarm soapy water is the best for cleaning this stone, but don't soak them for long time. Dry with care. It doesn’t tolerate long periods in bright sunlight. Household chemicals and perfumes are not a friend of any crystal. After wearing pearls against skin, Clean them from body acids. Charge them under moonlight.

  • No water
  • Doesn't like heat
  • No chemicals/perfumes
  • Likes to be admired
  • Clean with lukewarm soap water
  • Loves moon-light
  • Program with incence
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