Howlite is a silky white rock with gray or black streaks, reminiscent of marble and porcelain-like to the touch. It is sometimes dyed in jewellery: blue for imitation of turquoise and red for coral. Energetically it is a bright, yet soothing stone.

Keywords: calming, knowledge, patience, focus, manifestation, communication, memory, awareness, insomnia, past lives

Spiritual power
The characteristic threadlike pattern of howlite subtly brings both the wearer's and viewer's focus to their internal thought patterns - especially those that otherwise seem black and white. It brings a sense of focus into one's thoughts, helps formulate mental and physical aspirations, and facilitates their achievement. Psychologically it teaches patience and helps eliminate rage and uncontrollable anger - it simply sucks it up. Howlite helps with overcoming criticism and selfishness by reinforcing positive traits. It is an extremely soothing stone that not only helps you fall asleep easily, but also promotes a good, deep rest.

Howlite encourages intelligent and peaceful communication. It stimulates the desire to know, but at the same time calms emotions by loosening tension that arises when old emotions are triggered. It suppresses feelings of anxiety, reduces over-thinking, and is a good reliever of general stress and anger. It teaches patience and acceptance.
Healing properties
Relieves sleep disorders, strengthens teeth and bones.
Did you know
  • Because it is a highly porous rock, howlite easily absorbs various substances, including dye. This is why it is often used as an imitation turquoise and otherwise coloured and dyed.
  • This mineral was named after its discoverer, geologist Henry How.
Care and maintenance
Be gentle with this mineral, because it is soft. As it is very porous, keep it away from all chemicals and liquids. Treated haulite doesn't like long periods of exposure to sunlight, better recharge it under moonlight. It is recommended to clean howlite above the flame of a candle or gently with damp soft cloth.
Best signs
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