Indian gray moonstone silver ring

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This piece is made with recycled silver
This piece is has a natural gemstone!
This piece is hand crafted!
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About this piece

A small but playful ring. Be gorgeously elegant - wearing single ring or be playful and store 2 pieces of different shapes or colors on top of each other! Game of Gems.. The game of life.

It’s said that less is more, but that certainly doesn’t apply to rings. You’ve simply got to have a lot of them!

Moonstone responds to the phases of the Moon, being strongest during a full moon, storing the power of hope, plenitude, rebirth and wisdom. During a waning crescent moon, moonstone supports introversion, leaving behind everything old and helping to plumb dreams for answers.

A piece of jewellery for a woman is like an exclamation point on a sentence – adds emotion and effect. Don’t be afraid of giving colour to your life! :)

Zodiac: gemini, cancer, libra, scorpio.

Read more about this crystal: Moonstone

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Product details

Secret code: RTI32807GKK
Weight, gr (per pair of earrings): 3.220000
Main material: 925 Silver (Nickel free)
Made from recycled silver: Yes
Crystal: Moonstone
Gemstone color may be slightly different than on the photo because we use natural gemstones
Natural gemstone: Yes
Length on the finger: 11 mm
Package: FREE Velvet gift-bag
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As moonstone has natural cleaveages, then protect your stone against scratches and stikes. Clean from time to time with lukewarm soap water and dry with a soft cloth. Let your moonstone charge in the light of the waxing moon. Program it above candle flame or with insence.

  • No chemicals/perfumes
  • Likes to be admired
  • Clean with lukewarm soap water
  • Loves moon-light
  • Program with incence
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