How to choose the right ring size?

measuring ring size

Option 1: the ribbon trick

It can be used when you are at home with no suitable rings available, but you do have a ribbon, a marker pen and tape measure. 

1. Put all the necessary things ready. The easiest way is to use gift ribbon and a marker pen to write on it, but any piece of string and pen will do. Also find a ruler or tape measure. If possible, ask someone to help you – it’s easier with two people.

2. Wrap the ribbon around the finger you plan to buy the ring for. Make sure that you do not wrap it too tight. Mark the exact place where it comes together. This will tell you the circumference of your finger.

Please note! If you have prominent knuckles, it’s better to measure around the knuckle or make sure that the length measured also comes around the knuckle.

3. 1. Measure the result once again and consult the following calculator for the ring size to match the circumference.

Option 2: size table

If you already have a ring of a suitable size but you do not know or remember its measurements, just measure its diameter. It can be pretty difficult with a ruler, especially if it is of peculiar shape or with a large rock. So you could use the table that you can print out by clicking on the picture below or HERE.

Move your favourite ring on the circles until you find the right size. Make sure that you keep the ring parallel to the paper surface! For instance, if you wish to measure a ring with a rock, keep it so that the rock touches the paper while the round part is slightly up in the air. If you look directly down on it, you will see the right ring size.

Ring Size

Please note! Make sure that your printer does not distort the size of the printed image. For that you usually need to select “Actual Size” from the menu “Paper Sizing”.

Option 3: deduce it from the size of your current ring

If you know the size of the ring that you wear, for instance, in your middle finger but you wish to buy one for the ring finger (or you wish to surprise your loved one with an engagement ring!), you can calculate the size of the neighbouring finger. You will find the standard size ratio in the picture below. For instance, the middle finger is usually half a size larger than the ring finger.

Worth knowing when selecting a ring

The ring sizes of most women remain between 15 and 19, while the most common ring finger size is 16.5. Rings for men are usually made in sizes 18-23, with the most common ring finger size 19.5. So actually you can more or less say the size by merely looking at the hand – the average size or smaller with slender fingers and larger than the average size for stronger hands.

The size of fingers changes during the day depending on temperature, time, medication etc. The finger size is usually stable between lunch and dinner. Fingers may be slightly swollen in the morning and it also varies in the evening, so this is something worth knowing and considering. 

It is also important to note what the temperature is when you take the measurements. Fingers are thinner in cold and thicker in warm temperature, so you get the best conditions in regular room temperature. The ring must feel comfortable all day long, so you could opt for half a size bigger, just in case. You definitely should not use the measurements taken in the cold as then the reality could be even a whole size bigger!

Make sure to consider the knuckles! If the size of the knuckle is considerably different from the base of the finger, you should measure both and take the average of the two measurements. 

Please note that the size depends also on the shape of the ring. Thicker rings seem smaller in the finger, so you could take it half a size bigger or in case of a massive ring altogether entire size bigger. Thin rings can take precise size, they fit more loosely and you can stretch the ribbon quite tight while measuring.

Once you have got the ring and it seems that the size is wrong, try to wear it for a few days (unless it is already dangerously large or small). The force of habit is strong and it may happen that the half a size was merely something that fingers needed to get used to.

Please note! People are naturally different. So the instructions given here are generalisations and may not ensure the perfect fit. But don’t worry, our online shop always includes free returns – even if the ring does not fit you, you can always send it back or exchange it.

Have fun playing with the fingers!
Choose a new silver ring or a gold ring!

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