Aloe-green prehnite is as fresh as spring. It is also found in yellow and brownish tones. Let it heal your heart!

Keywords: unconditional love, powerful healing, love, meditation, protection, connection with inner wisdom, letting go, courage.

Spiritual power
 Prehnite is a stone of unconditional love and a healer of healers. When meditating with this crystal you will create contact with the energy network that pervades the universe. Prehnite helps to create contact with higher spiritual creatures and the stone helps you always to be ready, no matter the situation.

Prehnite forms a shield around your aura field, and it is an effective protector of the environment that teaches to live in harmony with nature and the elemental forces. It energizes and revives your surroundings. This good feng-shui stone helps to stop holding on to something and to relieve energy pollution, helping those who collect fortune or love because there is something missing inside them. Prehnite restores the power of manifestation.
Healing properties
Helpful in making diagnoses because prehnite will discover the root cause. It heals the kidneys and bladder, thymus gland, shoulders, chest, and lungs. Prehnite also heals gout and blood diseases. It repairs connective tissue and it can stabilize malignant tumors.
Did you know?
  • According to Feng-shui prehnite brings abundance to household.
  • Discovered in 1944. In South-Africa by colonel Hendrik von Prehni (this is heritage of the name).
Care and maintenance
 Lukewarm soapy water is the best for cleaning this stone, but it doesn’t tolerate long periods in bright sunlight, charge under moonlight. Household chemicals and perfumes are not a friend of any crystal. Oil with non-perfumed oil from time to time.
Best signs
Libra, Pisces

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