Hematite looks more like a metal than a gemstone. In jewellery it is usually polished and faceted to show off its mystical metallic gloss.

Keywords: protection, new beginnings, balance of soul and materia, collection of energy, grounding, self-assurance, mind cleanser, memory, focus, good sleep, overcoming of addictions like over eating.

Spiritual power
HAEMATITE is the stone of magicians, which symbolises the joining of spirit and matter, and protects against astral attacks. It increases the ability to concentrate as well as personal attraction, and helps to distinguish the important from the unimportant, making a person more strong-minded, courageous, and efficient.

It encourages to start again, and develops spontaneity, decisiveness, and boldness. In tantrism it is used to collect energy. A grinded haematite shines like a mirror and reflects back the negative energy emerging from the environment, so that it cannot enter the aura of the person. Haematite can be worn for protection. In precious stone therapy, it is used to create a permanent energetic protection around the aura.
Healing properties
It activates blood and cell production, which refreshes blood circulation and the heart. It invigorates the lungs, liver, spleen, and kidneys. Haematite speeds up recovery during or after an illness. It relieves diseases related to blood circulation disorders (varicose and blocked veins, embolism, hemorrhages). HAEMATITE decreases bleeding, and improves the closing and healing of wounds. It brings good sleep and helps to have a good rest, for this keep it under pillow along with a piece rose-quartz.
Did you know?
  • Haematite means blood in Greece (due to fact that when polished the water turns red)
  • Yellow ochre pigment comes from haematite(used in cave paintings).
Care and maintenance
 Due to rich iron content use dry sea salt for cleasing and grounding and not water.
Best signs
Aries, Aquarius
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