Serpentine is also known as snake rock, Chinese jade (light green) and Canadian jade (darker green). Its name comes from the Greek word, also English for snake. It is said to have the ability to drive off reptiles and also duplicitous people.

Keywords: grounding, spirituality, psychic powers, kundalini energy, awareness, emotional balance, life force, plenitude, relationships

Spiritual power
An intrinsically grounding rock that helps practitioners of meditation and supports mental development. Balancing the chakras (stimulating the crown chakra in particular), crystal opens psychic abilities and helps understand the non-material underpinning of life. Helps in the rise of awareness and kundalini energy.

Psychologically, serpentine helps create an empowered feeling that you are in more control of your life. Its grounding energy corrects its mental and emotional imbalances and assists in consciously guiding healing energy toward problematic areas. As a good energy source, it increases plenitude and creates harmonic relationships in family, among friends and at work.
Healing properties
Detoxes the body. Eliminates parasites, helps in absorption of calcium and magnesium and treats hypoglycaemia and diabetes.
Did you know
  • The name comes from the word “serpentine” - snake-like.
  • In the old days, it was believed that a chalice of serpentine would prevent poisonings and this stone was used for snakebite as well.
  • It was used in olden days as jadeite - imitation jade.
Care and maintenance
Clean the stone with lukewarm water and a soft cloth, keep away from mechanical damage, charge in moonlight and dont expose long for sungliht. Program with insence.
Best signs
Gemini, Aries, Taurus, Libra
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