Eudialyte is nicknamed Heartland stone, as it has a connection with unconditional love and it helps fulfil the needs of the heart. In fostering a feeling of love, it is similar to rose quartz and rhodocrosite, prehnite.

Keywords: emotional intelligence, healer of the heart, self-healing love, kindred spirit, balancing emotions, supporting change, life’s goal

Spiritual power
Eudialyte has the ability to bring Love into your thoughts, feelings and reality and if necessary it also heals a wounded heart. It brings physical-emotional balance into your life and connects root and heart - i.e. what must be done with what the heart desires. It is in this state of balance that dreams come true.

Eudialyte helps to balance internal emotions with external experience. It is the stone of self-love. It is a guide to your heart, shows the places where you are not satisfied with yourself, opens the wisdom of the heart and teaches how you can heal yourself and balance your emotions instead of looking for help and solutions from the outside. One key to the entire process is forgiving yourself and others and ridding yourself of fears, guilt, anger and sadness.

Eudialyte is an ideal supporter in the process of change. It has the power of showing the goals of interpersonal relations and encounters, our kindred spirits from the past and in the present and reveals why we met someone. It helps resolve jealousy, the feeling of abandonment and rebuilds self-confidence. If you feel you are confused, it helps you find the right path again. It shows you your strengths and talents and suggests how best to use them all.
Healing properties
Physically influences the nervous system, brainwaves and cellular regeneration.
Did you know
  • Eudialyte was first discovered on Greenland in 1819.
Care and maintenance
Eudialyte is a very soft stone. Avoid scraping it and impact. Clean gently with a cloth and warm soapy water.
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