If you have been looking for contact with higher levels, angelite is for you. As the name suggests, it symbolizes interactions with angels and the unseen world.

Keywords: mindfulness, calm, contact with the invisible world, telepathy, protection, speaking truth, communication, acceptance, lightness, concentration, optimism, weight loss.

Spiritual power
Angelite is like a benign guardian angel who creates the feeling of fullness and broadcasts a diffuse, calming energy. It promotes telepathy, intuition, brings in realizations and increases mindfulness. It brings clarity to one’s field of influence and helps speak truth, no matter what it is. It promotes speaking, communication, self-expression and concentration. It is well-suited to healers, combining spirituality and communication.

Because of its calming influence, angelite helps one accept oneself and one’s life in all its multitudes. It brings calm to your heart at more complicated times, helping cope with emotional pain, fear and insecurity. It can also transform old and heavy energy into a new motive force that will help one cope better with life’s challenges. It also helps to make the person more conciliatory and accepting as regards all phenomena that we don’t have the power to change.
Healing properties
Blue crystals are often connected with throat chakra. This incredibly beautiful crystal likewise helps treat the throat and infections in that area. It also helps keep the thyroid balanced, brings better health to the lungs and blood vessels, and balances fluids in the body helps to lower weight.
Did you know?
  • Angelite was discovered only in 1987, in Peru.
  • In essence, this semi-precious stone is compressed celestite.
  • Some angelite crystals are luminesce when exposed to UV light.
Care and maintenance
This semi-precious stone does not tolerate water! Clean it above a candle flame or using incense.
Best signs
Not directly connected to any star signs.