Diopside (Indian Star)

Diopside (Indian Star)

Diopside is a mineral used also as a gemstone. Chrome diopside is a green gem similar to emerald, star diopside is usually black. Diopside supports you with the energy of courage to give you what it takes to fight for your desires and dreams!

Keywords: force, spiritual guides, gratitude, hidden talents, changes, creativity, courage, groundedness, peace of mind

Spiritual power
This beautiful little stone inspires you to be open to new unique ideas that incite you to break the old tired patterns and change your life. And as you change, your hidden talents will be revealed - you’ll discover new sides and strengths, your creativity and feeling of gratitude will increase, and as always on the journey to personal growth, you will be aware of aspects of your personality that you can polish to make them shine brighter.
Healing properties
Balances hormones, strengthens the lungs and kidneys, helps ease heart problems. Good in the case of physical trauma. Restores body to an alkaline state, relieves stress. 
Did you know
  • If a star forms on your stone, it may respond to a magnet!
  • Diopside may be brown, yellowish, bluish, greenish, greyish, white, purplish or blackish in colour.
Care and maintenance
Diopside is quite delicate, so take good care of it to keep it from coming into contact with other stones. It does not tolerate heat, including long exposure to sunlight and household chemicals, including perfumes. Wash it with mild soapy water or wipe it off with a soft cloth.
Best signs
Not directly related to any star sign. To choose one, it may be a good match for Taurus.

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